Daily Schedule

7:45    Opening Activities

8:00    Language Arts

8:25    P.E. (M, Th, F)

9:00    Math  

9:30    Recess

9:45    Language Arts

11:15  Lunch

12:00  Math

1:00    Writing

1:30    Recess 

1:40    Language Arts

2:27    Dismissal



7:45   Opening Activities

8:00   Math

9:30   Recess

9:45   Language Arts

11:15 Lunch

12:00 Language Arts

12:27 Dismissal


We Collect Box Tops!

Please cut, save, and send in all of your Box Tops.  They really do help our school.


Scholastic Book Clubs

Ordering from Scholastic Book Clubs online is easy.  Just use our class activation code: DRH7P

Ordering helps our class get free books.  Books will be delivered to the school and sent home with your children.

Miss Carroll's Chameleons

What are we learning?

We are memorizing the addition facts that total up to 10.  Quiz your child on the 2s facts.


We are also learning to count by 2s, 5s, and 10s within 1,000.


Nouns are words that name people, animals, places, or things.  Singular nouns name one (dog).  Plural nouns name more than one (dogs).  Most nouns are made plural by adding an s to the end.  Nouns that end in x, ch, sh, and s need an -es to be made plural.


Sentences have two parts; a subject and a predicate.  The subject tells who are what the sentence is about.  The predicate tells what the subject did.  Example: The dog ran across the grass.  In this sentence, The dog is the subject.  The predicate is ran across the grass.


Sentences can tell something (statement), ask something (question), show strong feeling (exclamation), or give directions (command.)


Readers visualize their reading and ask themselves questions while reading to better understand their reading.

Learning is Fun!

Back to School Supplies

Students need:

a soft zippered pouch (plastic boxes don't fit in our small desks)

2 - 4 dry erase markers

2 - 4 glue sticks

Water bottle with sports top


Class needs:

Disinfecting Wipes - cupboard is completely full for now.  I'll let you know if and when we need more.


Today: 10/17/17

Contact Miss Carroll

Call 566-1960 ext. 63317 or



Play JiJi at Home!

Your child is working toward mastering math skills using JiJi's math games.  Each child should complete all the games before the end of May.  They can work at home too.  Go to  Use this activation code:



About Miss Carroll

I have been teaching 2nd grade at Sierra View for 20 years.  I enjoy watching children learn and grow.  I grew up in Sacramento and graduated from Sacramento State.  I am very close to my family.  I have a dog named Daisy.  I like to read, scrapbook, watch movies, and travel.  Disneyland is a favorite place to visit.